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I AM NOT A FINANCIAL ADVISER! This is my attempt to better understand the cause/effect relationship of FDA Advisory Committee (AdComm) meetings on BioTech/Pharm stocks. This is for my own education, not to serve to advise or recommend any path for others. If looking for advice look elsewhere. If trying to understand the same stuff I’m trying to understand, please draw your own conclusions… mine are nuts, and would likely put you in the poor house.

I currently follow: $MNKD, $EPGNY, $EXAS, $NVS$DRTX, $STAA$CHTP, $MDCO

The Short Link for this page is:

The 2014 Advisory Committee Meeting calendar is here

Updates to the Meeting Materials are here

Note that meeting presentation materials/documents should be posted on the FDA links above two business days prior to each meeting.

Upcoming (not yet through AdComm plus 5 trading days)

  • Not a single thing on my radar… MNKD wrapped my “week of Bio” experiment.

Completed (through AdComm plus 5 trading days)

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